March 23, 2021

Well, all is well with the second shot. 15 days past it now we are supposed to be protected. On another front – $1.4 trillion dollars divided by the number of Americans (including birth to old age) is about $6100 each. Just think – you just borrowed $6100 that you will pay interest on in your and your children’s lifetime, but the lender wrote you out a check for only $1400 if you were lucky, and even less for your children if you have them.  Gotta wonder whose pockets the rest of the money went into. And – the state of California spent $8 BILLION dollars on fraudulent EDD claims. Hope none of you got 1099’s you have to pay taxes on for money stolen in your name.  Gotta love how the Dems govern. One for me, one for me, one for me, and one for you, two for me, two for me, two for me, one for you.


March 1, 2021

Two more days to the second SARS-2 / Covid shot. Other half’s brother and his wife got their 2nd shot today.  So happy this virus will be over soon for the world. 

The state of politics is, for lack of a better word, “confused.”  Only God knows what comes next and who will be cancelled. Regardless – the middle class needs to stand up for itself because no one else can.


February 4, 2021

Had our first Sars-2 Covid shots yesterday. I remember telling friends last year it would be around November when the vaccine was released. It was actually Dec 11, 2020.  My friends, swore it would be years.

Things have gotten even more bizarre lately in government. It appears one party in Congress has forgotten the Bill of Rights. Shame, it served us so well for 225 years. I wonder when the brown shirt gestapo will knock on my door because this website doesn’t serve them.  The cancel culture is real, and it is interfering with the ability of the middle class, people of all colors, to make a living. Worse, Congress has punted their responsibilities to the Executive Branch so we now are ruled by a Monarch.


January 20, 2021

Remember the “Race to the Bottom” from about 1992 to 2017 or so where Americans paid more for things, were encouraged that debt, whether it be credit card, student loans, or home mortgages were a good thing to live off of, and American jobs went overseas because it was more profitable to make goods there?  Even services that could be remotely performed, such as IT, Architecture, reading medical tests etc., went overseas.  Americans were encouraged to borrow, borrow, borrow, and then use the money to buy foreign made goods. People who could not keep up lost their homes – their pensions etc., as cities turned into blocks of empty foreclosed home after foreclosed home.  Well, the policies that created it are back as of this morning. Hold onto your wallets.


January 17, 2021

About inflation and the attack on the people of the USA by the elites.  Was just looking at utility records from 2002. That year the house had single pane windows, and an old heating and air conditioning system from 1979. The old ducting leaked, and the system was very inefficient.  In 2003 the windows were upgraded to dual pane, and the insulation and heating/cooling/ducting system upgraded also. The house was eventually TyVek wrapped too when old siding was replaced a little at a time with the replacement windows. To demonstrate why there are so many homeless, and how much Americans have been squeezed financially, here is a comparison of bills betwee 2002 and 2020. Keep in mind that in 2020 the house is substantially more energy efficient than it was in 2002.  We also keep the thermostat more conservative than then.


2002 Annual cost of Gas (PGE) and Electricity (SMUD) = $1,141.77

2020 Annual cost of Gas (PGE) and Electricity (SMUD) = $1,964.70


That difference is $822.93, which is an increase of 72%.  Did your wages increase 72% in the last 15 – 18 years?  If not you can see why Americans are so angered that the (especially California) political class does nothing but agree to raise prices, and make empty promises if we elect them.


January 14, 2021

Rule #1 if you are going to a political protest, know what the list of demands are that you expect changed as a result of your protests. Anyone can complain they don’t like something, have a list of what you want changed and you can get more done. Martin Luther King, and Ghandi changed the world simply by peacefully marching and knowing what needed to be changed.


January 10, 2021

Welcome to the New Year. Hope it is your best yet.  I’ll try to keep this non-political, simple and generic.  Lots has changed since the November post. The biggest thing is that as a country we seem to be moving towards a very hot civil exchange. Shootings nationally have increased, and Congress has been occupied.  It doesn’t really matter what political party you support – your freedoms appear to be in jeopardy, so is your right to Free Speech. Looking at things from afar, Congress has given Social Media the absolute right to censor speech.  Censoring free speech is something the Government cannot legally do itself. This week alone many voices, whether you agree with them or not, were banned from social media, and when millions of Americans moved to other social media platforms, the social media elites responded by blocking the apps and turning off the servers those sites were hosted on.  To many it looks like the elites are going to manipulate what you can say, read, and see. This is scary third world stuff.  Inflation is up, yields on savings are down, and taxes are going up too based on the commitment the new administration gave. Jobs will be head off shore again at an accelerated rate if that happens.

In Russia when the Soviet Union fell the statues of Soviet leaders were pulled down, and statues of actors like the guy who played the Russian version of “Al Bundy” (Married with Children) replaced them. Are we headed for the same here? Will we see the statues in our parks replaced with those of Hollywood Actors?



Russian TV show, “Al Bundy actor” statue that replaced one of Soviet leader


November 2020.

Many of us believe that there is a war being waged against all of us, all races, as members of the middle class, and against those trying to reach a better place economically or spiritually in life.  I’ll bet you have been feeling the pressure too. Most Americans aren’t born rich although we are being told we are, or if we aren’t then it is someone else’s fault who isn’t around to defend themselves. 

The effects are all around you – reduced purchasing power when you spend.  Unemployment is being managed that makes it harder to find jobs. Offshored jobs. Regulations galore that make it hard for you to open a business that might compete against the big companies. Even filthy water in some large American cities under the Obama EPA (Flint MI).  Did you or your friends lose a home during those or the Bush years because of lost wages?  I’ll bet you didn’t know that a simple solution to protecting homeownership was presented to both the Obama administration, and members of Congress, a solution that has been used for centuries to protect homeowners and lenders both, that our leaders decided to ignore.  Did your retirement lose money (probably several times) during this time because of all the foreclosures?  You see, we, the American People are under attack. You get told it is because others have “special privilege,” but that itself is just a marketing tool the wealthy classes use to put one American against another. As long as we fight with each other, the wealthiest 1% elite rule us.  Divide and Conquer – oldest trick in the book.

Why you might wonder? Simple - Money and Power. It really is that simple. Look at states where the citizens are being over taxed like California. If you live in California for example you will pay more for gasoline for your car, almost double the price paid in some other states.  Some day when you have time, look at a price sticker or a receipt on something you bought 5 years ago. Now look at the price on the same item. Did it go up?  When we do this we typically see many items increase 10% to 20% a year even though “the Government” says inflation is “controlled,” whatever that really means.

Did you know that the highest law in the land, the US Constitution, guarantees you “Unalienable” Rights?  This means that you have certain rights that are “God Given.”  Whether you believe in God or not, it means that these are rights NO ONE can take from you. The right to Free Speech for example is a God Given Right. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, what your ancestry is, you have a right to give your opinion without the Government throttling your speech. The right to own and use a firearm to protect yourself and your community is another. The US Bill of Rights can be found here: https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/bill-of-rights-transcript.

Chances are that you and your rights are under attack. It does not matter what political party you belong to, or what ancestry you are. It does not matter what religion you are. When you get up in the morning, there are those in the United States, and in the World who are figuring out ways to make you work harder and longer to keep what is rightfully yours. We all feel it – regardless how you vote in elections, or what your political views are, we all feel the pressures being put on us.

How to stop it. Pass this website along – it is that simple. Sign your letters and texts – End The War Against Us. Write your Congressperson, your Senator, your political party – tell them you are done with war being waged on you. Insist on REAL results – tell them you appreciate what they say they are going to do, but words are cheap, and you demand results. Don’t settle for an empty promise.  Don’t let them get away with mores promises. Look at the inner cities – see how awful so many have become. Why? It’s really simple, the money sent to fix the inner cities disappeared. Where? You figure it out – look at who is wealthiest in the world and how they got their wealth and power.  Look at the Politicians who went from being poor to rich while in Congress. Look at the politicians who can afford to spend $50,000 on ice cream freezers for their favorite ice cream.  We will overcome this if we all demand results. They can fight us when we are divided – they cannot fight a movement that we all join.


Support the Bill Of Rights - Leave it alone.


Nov 8 2020